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Silent Yoga Disco & Brunch:


What is a Silent Disco?


It is similar to your average electronic dance music concert, except you wear high quality headphones - the volume and the DJ you want to tune into (2-3 DJ’s can be playing simultaneously) is completely in your control by adjusting your headset. This way you can be anywhere on the dance floor and still experience sound as if you were front-stage! It’s a great way to let go completely, be in your own head space and dance the night away!

They are a fantastic addition to festivals, events, weddings and parties! You can have multiple activities going on at once without the over-stimulation of constant loud music. You simply just take off the headsets when you’re ready for a break!

Credit: HUSHconcerts

Credit: HUSHconcerts

So then…
what is a Silent YOGA Disco?

What is a Silent YOGA Disco, you may ask?
Before we drop our booties to the floor in a Silent Disco DANCE,
we will get the body and mind warmed up in it’s zen flow state
by doing a gentle, meditative yoga flow
all while wearing the headsets!

Does it seem absurd?
Have you ever gone to a Yoga class and you
could hardly hear the teacher’s cues or the music?
Well, this solves both, and gives you an unique experience
by being fully immersed in the Yoga instruction & music.

Here at SZ Events our music leans towards
chill wave, psychedelic and expansive electronic.
Check out some of our playlists here.

Credit: HUSHconcerts

Credit: HUSHconcerts



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