Thank you for visiting SennaZen.com! 

I am honored to share this space with you to sell my crafts, talk about life and self-love, and to one day create an online community to share stories to create connection.

 SennaZen was created specifically for you. This site is dedicated to you and is designed for self-love and self-care.

Give yourself time today, and do something kind for yourself, because you are all that you’ve got. Your well-being mentally, physically and emotionally is most important to maintain a happy, healthy life and to be strong for those who depend on you. 

I hope you live the most enriching, fulfilling and happy life full of confidence, clarity, and love… and remember… 

Love yourself, from the inside out.



Senna is the founder of SennaZen, and works as a Yoga Instructor, art teacher, and a Project Developer in the energy efficiency/ renewable energy industry. She enjoys cooking healthy foods, Yoga, mediation, hiking, Pole Dancing, and anything creative (arts, crafts, decorating, etc.). She is a self-love and positive development enthusiast and is passionate about creating space for others to heal, express, connect, and love.   

SennaZen is located in the beautiful Washington State, in Kirkland, WA.